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Dragon Hunt is a game that I have been given by Jon Krengel. This program is under the GPL, which gives you the right to the source code as long as you only use it in certain ways. See README.txt for details.


Version 3.56 tar.gz (2.1 mb)
Requires Python, and Pygame. Head to for the first, for the second.

You can also download the development version via CVS. While this version is usually more advanced than the latest version listed here, it can also have more bugs. The command is

cvs -z3 co dragon-hunt
Doing this obviously requires CVS.

Requirements: Anything that can run Python/Pygame. It has been tested on Windows and Linux. Performance is acceptable on a Pentium 233.
Source code is included.


Evil Mr Henry
Allison Marles
Phil Bordelon
George Tuosto

Dragon Hunt Screenshot

Old versions of Dragon Hunt.


05/6/07 Version 3.56 Released

Changed the level loading code a bit. The world map in Dark Ages should now be faster. Fixed a couple small bugs. (Bugreports by Lukas Sabota) The game will use Psyco if available. This greatly speeds up loading time. Added options screen. Added joystick support. (Lukas Sabota for suggestion)

05/27/06 Version 3.55 Released

Fixed bug that dropped an item when trying to use a skill. (report by YK) Game will no longer crash if no sound is available. (fix by Gekko04) The Death spell in Dark Ages actually works now. (report by Daniel Sturm)

05/10/06 Version 3.54 Released

Added a remake of Dark Ages. (With the permission of the author.) Assorted minor changes.

02/05/06 Version 3.53 Released

Recreated the towns. Improved the map editor significantly. Added code to allow world-map type environments. Unused yet...

01/13/06 Version 3.52 Released

Major rewrite to use Pygame instead of Tkinter. Used Pygame to improve the animations.

11/05/05 Version 3.51 Released

Fixed a few small bugs that got into 3.50.

11/05/05 Version 3.50 Released

Re-organized the UI with a summary display of your hero's current stats and unified all the windows into a single canvas. Skills now show the price of their use in battle and items can be equipped during battle. Various other small bugfixes are also included.

Changelog for 3.0 to 3.49
Changelog for pre 3.0
Send bug reports, sugestions, ideas, comments to evilmrhenry at this domain.