Pre 3.0 changelog:

05/28/02 Version 2.0 Released

Posted source code.
Changed the loading sub to be more understandable
Added improvement on healing times at high levels.
Changed frmUse: it now shows the cost of various actions.
Changed powers.
Fixed bug where using certain powers on the dragon would crash the game.
Prevented wasting skill points on buying more points in stun and double hit.

05/06/02 Version 1.9 Released

Fixed dumb bug where wearing something would eliminate capitalization. (forgot to pass the name by value)
Changed the cost for abilities from being dependent on the level to a fixed cost.
Changed the last move display in battle from a text box to a listbox, resulting in better behavior in long battles.
Changed guild screen, so that skill buttons only become active with usable skill points
Moved potions from guild to healers.
Moved buttons around, creating a more consistent look.

Added a special tag, which will keep items from being sold in stores.
Added display of gold, xp for kill
Added New game, open, and exit buttons to the main window.
Added display of item power to the blacksmith window.
Added smite ability.

04/03/02 Version 1.8 Released

1.8. In this version, I concentrated on the battle system, changing it quite a bit, although there are some other changes.

Fixed bug where saving the game would not remember if the treasure had been taken.
Fixed bug where loading a game, then starting a new game would keep the items.
Cleaned up code, eliminated some useless code.
Fixed bug that would give "Your backpack is full" message when trying to buy or sell without selecting an item.

Changed the hero graphic a little bit to make it look better.
Changed "you fail to get away" from a message box to an entry in the status box.
Changed guild screen.

Added picture for Dragon.
Added random gold findings.
Added difficulty levels.
Added a working "New Game" item to the menu.

Made battles harder and less frequent, hopefully improving the game.
Added support for "unbalanced" monsters. ie ones with stats not in proportion to each other.
The monster database is now in the same condition as the item database, so I can add a whole bunch of monsters now.
Monsters can now have a different picture for above and below ground.
Changed the battle system. Before it was unbalanced, with more powerful monsters always hurting you, and less powerful monsters never hurting you. Now most monsters have a chance of hurting you and you can hurt most monsters.
Decreased cost of healing to compensate for the higher injury rate.
Changed donation from decreasing cost of healing to creating a chance of increased stats.

03/04/02 Version 1.7 Released

1.7 has a story and is winnable. Also includes (slightly) better graphics.

02/21/02 Version 1.6.1 Released

1.6.1 has a few bug fixes, one extra level, and looks slightly better.

02/18/02 Version 1.6 Released

Newly added is a map, multiple underground levels, and many code changes to allow easier expansion of the game

02/13/02 Game Transfered From Jon Krengel To Evil Mr Henry

01/12/02 - Beta 1.5 Released

Finally got to releasing another version with some bug fixes. Stay tuned as a Map is in the works

Dragon Hunt Beta 1 ...... Available Now!!!

I [Jon Krengel] started Dragon Hunt as a VB project in school and will be making it available to the public for beta testing. Dragon Hunt's stat and fighting algorithyms are loosely based on dice rolling in GURPS(Generalized Universal Role Playing System). The story line was based on the online java game Dragon Court. Dragon Court is hosted at