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7/05/05 Version 3.49 Released

Shops, inv access and the inventory itself now use the canvas exclusively. Rebalanced game a bit. Improved scripting. (Bugfixes and new abilities) Minor bugfixes/improvements (thanks to Michael Kallas)

5/06/05 Version 3.48 Released

Improved a few maps. (Allison Marles) Redid scripting. All commands are now stackable, which should allow for more complex scripts.

3/27/05 Version 3.47 Released

The loadgame window displays stats before loading the game. Improved a few maps.

3/22/05 Version 3.46 Released

Equipment display in inventory is now tile-based. Added energy potions. Map editor retains formatting. Stores, battles, and inventory all appear within the main window now.

2/23/05 Version 3.45 Released

Several new levels added. (Allison Marles, George Tuosto) Gems added. (Allison Marles)

2/21/05 Version 3.44 Released

Added (unusable) path from town.

2/16/05 Version 3.43 Released

Battle interface improved. Enhancements to map editor.

2/10/05 Version 3.42 Released

Multiple monsters can attack at once. Bugfixes. New levels/content. (Allison Marles and George Tuosto)

2/02/05 Version 3.41 Released

Map Editor can adjust walkable status. Fixed walls in town.

1/29/05 Version 3.40 Released

New (better) buttons. (Allison Marles) Underground battles now have a better background. New final level.

1/13/05 Version 3.39 Released

All monsters have pictures. Large number of small improvements.

1/04/05 Version 3.38 Released

Improved maps. (Town, Level 2, Island) Bugfixes. Improvements in abilities.

12/31/04 Version 3.37 Released

Key bindings moved to settings.txt. More interesting items.

12/18/04 Version 3.36 Released

Inventory improvements.

12/12/04 Version 3.35 Released

Added new town level. New shop interface.

11/15/04 Version 3.34 Released

Added level. Pictures for all items.

10/26/04 Version 3.33 Released

Can drop items to the map.

10/26/04 Version 3.32 Released

Game fits in 800x600.

10/20/04 Version 3.31 Released

GUI improvements. Speed Improvements.

10/12/04 Version 3.30 Released

Improvements to the Map editor. Bugfixes

09/26/04 Version 3.29 Released

Map editor can open and save maps without loss of information.
Minor bugfixes

09/15/04 Version 3.28 Released

Improvements to the Map editor.

09/11/04 Version 3.27 Released

Map editor. (Allison Marles) Slight speed improvement. Added/changed many graphics. (Allison Marles)

08/31/04 Version 3.26 Released

Inventory screen appears inside main window. Battle screen changes. Attack and defense training. Monster descriptions. (By Allison Marles).

08/22/04 Version 3.25 Released

Battle and shop screens appear inside main window. Message scroller. (Both by Allison Marles) More and better graphics.

07/19/04 Version 3.24 Released

Game can now be entirely controlled by keyboard. Work started on replacing standard widgets.

07/12/04 Version 3.23 Released

Added hp bars, improved the scripting, and made the game easier.

07/10/04 Version 3.22 Released

Improved the scripting engine, and rebalanced.

06/29/04 Version 3.21 Released

Fixed a couple bugs, and improved the graphics.

06/15/04 Version 3.2 Released

Added a scripting engine.
Added some more content, using the scripting engine.

04/24/04 Version 3.1 Released

Additional features filled out.
Missing a story, and a packaging system.
Added skills, and rebalanced.

04/14/04 Version 3.0a Released

Additional features filled out.
Missing one Shop, a use for ep, and a story.
Added most shops, as well as save/load game ability.

02/15/04 Version 3.0 Released

First Python version.
Missing Shops/Town, a use for ep, a story, and save/load game ability.