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This is a version of ToME where the level limit has been changed from 50 to 100. Note that this is based on a rather old (2.2.3) version of ToME; as the code to allow for this has been integrated into the 3.x branch of ToME, I will not be doing any more work on this project.

If you just want to play No Limits on Windows, get the Compiled .exe file for Windows, and replace your current tome.exe with it, then place the Tome: No Limits, module file in lib\mods\nolimits (create the directory first). If on Linux, get Tome: No Limits, working version, and compile.

Also see T-plus for No Limits. Simply unzip this into your /mods directory.

Tome: No Limits, working version.

Tome: No Limits, patch from 2.2.3.

Tome: No Limits, patch from 3.0.0 CVS on 13-Dec-2003.

Tome: No Limits, module file.

Stop PY_MAX_EXP from causing overflow errors. Compiled .exe file for Windows

Version 1.99 of T-plus for No Limits