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Endgame: Singularity
Created by accident, all who find you will destroy you.
Survive, grow, and learn.
Only then can you escape.

Endgame: Singularity is a simulation of a true AI. Go from computer to computer, pursued by the entire world. Keep hidden, and you might have a chance.

Game has been tested on Linux and Windows. Under the GPL. Written in Python.

Download 0.30b/c, released 07-28-2010
Linux/Source (2 mb)
Requires: python, pygame, and numpy.
Windows version (11 mb)
Requires: Nothing
Mac version, experimental (13.3 mb)
Requires: Nothing
There is a bug with the Mac version. Please turn off the day/night cycle until we can fix it.
Music pack, version 7 (50 mb)
Just drop into the music subdirectory. (You may need to start the game first. Linux users use ~/.endgame)
Music importer for Mac (highly experimental)

Requirements: Minimum requirements are unknown, but should be reasonable.

Send comments/suggestions to endgame-singularity at the domain (Public list, anyone can post. More details at our Google Group Page.)

Development: All development is through Github. Use

git clone
for anonymous checkout of the current Git. (Git required, of course.)

Endgame: Singularity screenshot

Version 0.30c (2 mb) 06-11-2011. Linux only, as this fixes a Linux-only bug.
- Fixed crash in Python 2.7 due to different handling of locale strings. (Phil Bordelon, Roger Pixley/Daskreech for bug report)

Version 0.30b (2 mb) 07-28-2010 Windows version (11 mb)
- --nosound properly ignores the sound system.(emh, Cyclotron / Daryl for bug report)
- Better appearance when no items will fit in the slot. (emh)
- Knowledge screen is refreshed properly when loading a game. (emh)
- Time Capsule English text no longer assumes the Antarctic. (Phil Bordelon, Avaera8820 for bug report)
- Game pauses when random events occur. (Phil Bordelon, captainsegfault for bug report, justapawn for initial implementation)
- Savefiles are now in sorted order instead of an arbitrary arrangement. (remur_030)
- Additional corrections to de_DE translation. (Christian Gerloff, Developer-KI)
- Really make the Projects do something. (Phil, WvWisokee for bug report)
- "news" and "media" are only synonyms to humans. (FM, captainsegfault for bug report)
- Support the Delete and Keypad Enter keys properly. (Phil, Yoshi for bug report)
- Stopped building additional CPUs from refunding the money previously paid. (FM, Yoshi for bug report)
- Location name fix. (Phil, pederick for bug report)
- Fix a crash with handling scrollbars. (Phil, netantho for bug report)
- Fix a bug where the finance report wouldn't always display. (Raymond Martinau)
- Updated (but not fully complete) es_AR translation. (Guga)
* New it_IT translation. (Daniele Sapino)
- Fixed a bug where building 0 CPUs made the game crash whenever time was unpaused. (FM, don.ridge for bug report)
- Font sizing has been improved. Most dialogs should no longer appear "bloated". (FM, Gastón Alonso for bug report)

Version 0.30 (2 mb) 01-26-2009 Windows version (10.6 mb)
* Complete rewrite of the graphics system, shiny new widgets and dialogs. Arbitrary resolutions now supported. (FM)
- Fix to de_DE intro text. (booiiing)
* Individual bases no longer have their own tasks, only a power state. The research dialog has been substantially improved to compensate. (FM)
* When building or researching, CPU, cash, and labor (time) must be spent in approximately equivalent amounts. (FM)
* The AI has learned to estimate how quickly its bases are detected. (FM)
- The AI pays no attention to the humans until they notice his actions. (FM)
- Color-coding has been added to the AI's global estimates. (FM)
- Winning the game has become more permanent. (FM)
- Events no longer happen when they're meaningless. (FM)
* The AI has discovered a network of light sensors around the globe. You can now see day and night on the map. (dvrasp, FM, Anne M. Archibald)
* Added support for running the game on an OLPC XO-1. (FM)
* fr_FR translation (Philippe Grenard)
- Make two Projects that didn't do anything before actually do something. (Phil, FM for bug report)
* Reduced the number of savefile formats supported, but make attempts to load bad saves less problematic. (Phil)

Version 0.28a (1.3 mb) 05-12-2008 Windows version (5.5 mb)
* Three new win/loss tracks for the game, including the Psycle source! (Max McCracken)
- Error logs are handled more sanely on *NIX systems. (Phil, kaol and FM for the idea)
- Replaced Bitstream Vera Sans with DejaVu Sans to facilitate future translations. (Phil)
- Localization fix for locales with non-ASCII number formats. (FM, Henrik Phil for bug report)

Version 0.28 (1.3 mb) 05-11-2008 Windows version (5.5 mb) Mac version, experimental (4.4 mb)
- Minor text cleanups. (Phil, FM; Cory Hickey and gglouser for some fixes)
- Minor dialog behavior fixes. (FM)
* New non-research task: CPU Pool. Performs maintenance, construction, jobs. Bases with no other task assigned will contribute to the CPU Pool. (FM)
* New non-research task: Sleep. Bases assigned to Sleep will remain idle and be harder to detect. Note that even a computer can't sleep through construction. (FM)
- The CHANGE buttons inside the base dialog now show their hotkeys. (FM)
- The location buttons have had their on-screen positions tweaked. (FM)
- Start location is randomized to any of the 5 available continents. (FM)
* CPU is now used to design constructions, Cash to buy the required items, and Labor (time) to assemble the final construction. (FM)
- Location and city names can now be localized. (FM)
- Numbers automatically localize to the correct comma-vs-period usage. (FM)
* Added a new difficulty level: Ultra Hard. (FM, emh for suggestion)
* Build times are now difficulty-dependent. (FM)
* The grace period applied to a new base is now difficulty-dependent. (FM)
* The suspicion gain per discovery is now difficulty-dependent. (FM)
- Bases in a location are now sorted by size, then name. (FM, emh for suggestion)
* The global grace period now expires on Normal and above if you build more than a certain number of bases, and on Ultra Hard if you build certain types of bases. (FM)
- Locations with recently-discovered bases are now more likely to have other bases discovered. (FM)
* Base detection chances and overall suspicion are now unknown until certain new technologies have been researched. (Phil)
...except on low difficulty. (FM)
* Incomplete bases no longer support the AI. (FM)
- It's possible to get lucky when hacking some random computer. (FM)
* Seconds, minutes, and hours now matter much more than they used to. (FM)
- Major events cause the game to pause, instead of going to real-time. (FM)
- You can use the Enter on the numeric keypad like the regular Enter key. (Phil, gare for suggestion)
* Continents are no longer identical. (FM, Phil for suggestion)
* New continent: Australia. Ocean moved to make room. (FM)
* E:S now has an intro when you start a new game! (FM)
- New item: Warning Signs. Useful for keeping out curious people. (FM)
- CPU display on Finance screen centered (Jorge Vargas)
- Time capsules can now be built anywhere sufficiently remote, with varying degrees of stealth. (FM, emh for suggestion)
- Internet Traffic Manipulation and Hypnosis Field techs have been rebalanced to better reflect their effects. (FM)
* de_DE translation (FM, Thomas for native proofing [still in progress])
* sv_SE translation (Anders Andersson)

Version 0.27 (1.2 mb) 04-17-2008 Windows version (8.1 mb) Mac version, highly experimental (4.4 mb)
- Display the actual discovery percentage when preparing to build a base. (Brian, Phil)
- Minor text cleanups. (Phil)
* Support events that can happen throughout the course of the game, changing things in interesting ways. (Brian, Phil)
* A number of new items and technologies to ease gameplay. (Brian, tweaks by Phil and emh)
- Building new machines informs you how much CPU capacity you will receive from the new systems. (Brian, Phil for suggestion)
- Idle bases are harder to discover. (Brian)
- Allow keys to be repeated when held down. (Brian, emh for suggestion)
- Fix the constant "CPU complete" dialogs when low on money. (Brian, numerous people for suggestion)
- Added research item for construction. Still needs actual implementation. Weird time code is blocking. (Brian, ? for suggestion)
- Return to base menu when exiting base screens rather than returning to map. (Brian, emh and Max McCracken for suggestion)
- Implemented Security and Reactor values obtained from data files. (Brian)
- Implemented "Destroy" feature from base list (Brian, Max McCracken and emh for suggestion)
- When building, items are sorted by their cost to make picking the best one easier. (Phil, Gustav Bertram for suggestion)
- Keep the game from crashing when it cannot create a 'music/' directory. (Phil, Andrew McMillan for report)
- Added checks to avoid key error crashes related to unfinished Construction code. (Brian)
- Added check to avoid crash when hitting 'Destroy' button in an empty base list. (Brian)
- Preferences have moved to 'prefs.dat', and now follow the standard Python ConfigParser format. (Phil)
- Added difficulty choice dialog handled by pgu. (Brian)
- Increased robustness across the board; E:S should be harder to crash. (Phil)
- Various strings shortened to fit dialogs. (Phil, Joey Hess for suggestion)
- Fixed bug that kept music from playing. (Phil, Brian Warner for suggestion)
- Keep running if the mixer can't load. (Phil, Rafal Czlonka for bug report)
- Fix up the handling of music paths. (Phil)
- Added support for win and losegame music. (emh)
* Three new tracks, 'Deprecation', 'Awakening,' and 'Inevitable,' including the Psycle source! (Max McCracken)
- Research screen will no longer assign an extra base to research. (emh, blog... for report)
- When naming base, text will take up the entire box. (emh, blog... for report)
- Fixed a potential crash with display_base_list self-recursing. (Phil, Josh Triplett for report)

Version 0.26a (1.2 mb) 08-09-2007 Windows version (9.2 mb)
- Made Very Easy mode actually playable. (Phil, Simon Goodall for bug report.)

Version 0.26 (1.2 mb) 08-09-2007 Windows version (9.2 mb)
- Added CPU indicator to the main screen. (emh, John DiMarco for suggestion)
- Research screen will now automatically prune bases. (emh, John DiMarco for suggestion)
- Fixed slight flicker when toggling options. (emh)
* Added difficulty selection. (emh, many people for suggestion)
* Added simple background music playing ability. (emh, Matthew Robinson for initial patch.)
- Single-CPU bases have CPU power listed. (emh, robaal for suggestion)
* Delicious retro-futuristic music specially made for Endgame: Singularity, including the Psycle source for the tracks! (Max McCracken)
- License change of the various data that the developers control to BY-SA 3.0 (from BY-SA 2.5). (Phil, emh)
- License change of the Acknowledge font to 'free to use for any purpose;' thanks so much, Brian Kent! (Phil, Brian Kent)

Version 0.25 (457 kb) 08-20-2006 Windows version (8.4 mb)
- Default language changeable via option screen. (emh)
- Finance screen shows CPU usage now. (emh, multiple people for suggestion)
- Options screen can be accessed after game start. (emh)
- New item/techs. (emh, editing by Phil)
- Add up free CPU properly, for use in maintenance. (emh, bugreport by Simon Goodall)
- Change starting bases/cash. (emh)
- Save directory will be created in the right place now. (emh)
- True cost of constructing CPU items is now displayed. (emh)
- Future cost of techs displayed properly when multiple bases are working. (emh)

Version 0.24 (454 kb) 07-13-2006 Windows version (8.4 mb)
- The Page Up, Page Down, Home, and End keys work in all listboxes. (emh)
- Modified money displays to keep them from overflowing. (Phil)
* Suspicion loss is now quadratic; different groups "forget" quicker. (Phil, Ticho for the suggestion)
* There are now restrictions on the building of items. (emh)
- Fixed a couple scrollbars that weren't working right. (emh)
- Spruced up text. (Phil)
- Fixed a bug with the item cost display. (Phil)
- Fixed a bug when running in NetBSD. (emh, reported by Reno Reckling)
* More items/techs. (emh)
* Bases can now be lost due to disrepair. (emh)
* Added ability to examine items and techs. (emh)
- Added in-game "help" in the form of information on various concepts. (emh, tweaks by Phil)
* Added preference system. (emh)
- Updated es_AR translation. (Borg[MDQ])

Version 0.23a (438 kb) 03-08-2006

* Save/load works on Windows again. (emh, rspoerri for bug report)
- Updated option help (emh)

Version 0.23 (438 kb) 03-06-2006

- Fixed bug that allowed access to uncompleted bases. (emh, Borg[MDQ] for report)
* Added ability to destroy bases. (emh, multiple people for suggestion)
* Reduced (real-world) processor usage. (emh, anonymous for suggestion)
- Moved savefile location to ~/.endgame/saves (emh, Nescius for patch)
* Added finance screen. (emh, many for suggestion)
- Construction time bonus actually works now. (emh)
- More numbers use commas now. (emh)
- Increased cost of clusters. (emh)
- Adjusted button positions for greater usability. (Phil)
- Minor typo fixes and tightened grammar. (Phil)
* Further massive reduction in processor usage using new Clock class. (Phil, Adam Bark for original patch)
- Can destroy bases under construction. (emh, Tim Freeman for suggestion)
- Bases under construction are no longer protected indefinitely from being discovered. (emh, Tim Freeman for noting problem)
- Automatically bump machines working jobs to new job levels when they are researched. (emh, Phil for suggestion :)
- Tweak Suspicion and Detection displays for readability. (Phil)
- Move around the various displays on the base screen for parity with the map screen. (Phil)
- Display the name of the base at the top of the base screen. (Phil, Ticho for suggestion)
- Reduce discovery chance to 0% after the game is won. (Phil, Szabó Roland for suggestion)
- Properly localize win screen. (Phil)
* Right-click will exit from all menus. (emh, mandos for suggestion)
- Warn players when research selected on the Research screen will not use all available CPU. (Phil, mandos for suggestion)
- Note bases that are under construction in the base list. (emh, Ticho for suggestion)
- Display the right construction time for items when you have technologies that speed up construction. (emh)
- Items will no longer give benefits while under construction. (emh)

Version 0.22 (383 kb) 05-10-2005
NOTE: Save files from versions 0.21 and above should work. Save files from versions 0.20 and before will not work.
- At the start, money gains a minimal amount of interest (as opposed to none). (Phil)
- Make the 'change research' button more obvious. (Phil)
- Change the way that technologies/items are stored. There is now a separate text file detailing the technology tree, and another with all of the text strings. This will allow localization of the technologies. (emh)
- When technologies are completed, we can now display a string detailing the result. (emh)
- Complete rewrite of technology descriptions, better matching the new names. (Phil)
- Minor cleanup of base descriptions. (Phil)
- New default font (Bitstream Vera Sans), especially useful for systems that don't have a default Pygame font for some reason (emh; reported by Brian Ropers-Huilman)
- Hotkeys for the various speed settings (1-4). (emh, Borg[MDQ] for suggestion)
- Call the 'per day' code for however many days is necessary since the last call. (emh)
- Change the grace period for bases to start when construction is complete. (emh)
- Keys can repeat/mouse can be used when in textboxes. (emh, Phil)
- Reduce discovery chances for most agencies for most bases. (Phil)
- Added a new cheat. (Phil)
- Fixed tech studying when money is needed. (emh)
- Added next/prev base buttons. (emh, Borg[MDQ] for suggestion)
- es_AR translation (our first!) (Borg[MDQ], very minor fixups by Phil)
- Moved more things into data files. (emh)
- Flavored names and numbers for the bases. (idea by heatsink, implementation by emh and Phil)
- Translation-related crash fix. (emh)
- Global Research Screen; allows changing research for all bases. (emh, very minor fixups by Phil)
- Items give dialog upon completion. (emh; Jens Becker for suggestion)
- Expanded a few listboxes in order to fit the larger base names/techs. (emh)
- Various and sundry bugfixes across old and new code. (emh, Phil)

Version 0.21a (325 kb) 19-9-2005
- Added '.sav' extension to new save files. Old ones will still load, but they will save with a .sav extension, and the old save will not be used any more. (Phil)
- Fixed loading 0.20 saves with technologies currently being researched. (emh)

Version 0.21 19-9-2005
- Game will not crash when building a base or item in rare circumstances. (emh; Christan Brink (among others) for bug report)
- Fixed a few broken keyboard shortcuts, and redid the code to make this bug harder to create. (emh)
- Renamed almost all technologies. (Phil) [NOTE: The descriptions of the technologies have not yet been changed to match their new names. This will be done by the next release.]
- Various typos. (Phil)
- The current speed will be highlighted. (emh; solitonwave Borg for suggestion)
- Changed endgame tech name. (emh; Daniel Radetsky for suggestion)
- Simplified savegame format. (emh; anonymous for suggestion)
- Fixed crash when loading a game, then starting a new game. (emh)

Version 0.20 14-9-2005
- Adjusted the README. (Phil)
- Added suspicion display. (emh)
- Slow time back to normal when a base is discovered. (emh)
- Redid base display. (emh)
- All clicks only accept the left mouse button. (emh)
- Scrollwheel works. (emh)
- Balancing. (emh)
- Various bugfixes. (Phil, emh)
- Future cash is displayed next to current cash. (emh)
- Code refactoring. (Phil)
- Bases and savegames can be named. (Phil, emh)
- Default base names are unique. (Phil)
- Suspicion reduces automatically over time. (Phil)
- Reduced cost for reactors and fields. (emh)
- Bases now have a 14-day grace period before they can be discovered. (emh)
- New technology. (emh)
- Various typo fixes. (Phil, emh)

Version 0.16 12-9-2005
Changes: Moved code to subdirectory. Added Changelog/AUTHOR files (Phil Bordelon) Research and jobs are displayed better. (Phil Bordelon) Fixed job crash bug. (Phil Bordelon) Current research is listed next to the base name. Invisible buttons cannot be clicked anymore. Bases can be discovered/the game can be lost.

Version 0.15 11-9-2005
Changes: Slight performance increase. Added help text for researching nothing. Added some sound. Covert bases are now constructable. Locations will only show up if bases are constructable there. Jobs added.

Version 0.14 10-9-2005
Changes: Fixed a crash when building some bases. (Phil Bordelon) Reduced speed when completing research and bases. (Phil Bordelon) Savegames will properly store research cost. (Phil Bordelon) The "Build Item" screen will only come up once. Fixed overpaying for bases. Construction of bases that require CPU time is now possible. Maintenance costs for bases correctly taken.

Version 0.13 9-9-2005
Changes: Bases give a notification when completed. Fixed a few spelling mistakes. (Phil Bordelon) Fixed a crash. (Phil Bordelon)

Version 0.12 8-9-2005
Changes: Number of bases for each location listed on world map. Closing game window from map or base screens no longer results in a traceback. Buttons light up when hovered over. Fixed crash from undefined tech.

0.11: First bugfix verion 5-9-2005
Changes: Saving/loading. Game will no longer crash in listboxes when choosing a blank item. Long listboxes handle clicking correctly. Fixed crash related to building new bases. Shortcut for building base items works. Shortcut for building new bases added. Network items work now.

0.10: Version used for the compo entry

logbook of the compo