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Dave GnukemDave Gnukem: a sidescrolling action game based on Dukem Nukem 1.

Tome: No LimitsTome: No Limits. Angband variant with the level limit at 100, not 50.

Free Lunch BinariesFree lunch binaries. Linux binaries for the games Alex the Allegator 4 and Hellcarrier.

Fish Fillets WalkthroughFish Fillets Walkthrough. A walkthrough of the game Fish Fillets - Next Generation.

Shell scriptsShell scripts. Various linux shell scripts

Reset Res Resets the resolution of fullscreen X applications on exit.

Art class project: a program that assists in turning sheet music into visualizations. Visual Basic.

Laser: a Visual Basic game based on Laser Mayham for the TI-83.

Various game Sprites: Sprites usable for games.

Documents: Assorted documents that may be useful.

My Mozilla skin. Based on the MicroMozilla skin, this is quite minimalist.
Screenshot of Mozilla skin

Contact me using the username evilmrhenry at this domain. (