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Free Lunch Binaries

The nice folks at Free Lunch Design have released the source code for several of their games. Among these games are Alex the Allegator 4 Hellcarrier, and Zombiepox.

This release enables those running Linux to play these games. Unfortunately, compiling these games is not an easy task. To help this process along, I am posting Linux binaries for these games.

To use these binaries, download the source/data files from the main site, extract the files, and place the binary in the main directory.

Only binaries for Linux x86 are provided for now. As I do not own any non-x86 computers, asking me to provide other binaries is unlikely to work.

Alex the Allegator 4

Retrospec Makefiles

Also, the nice folks at Retrospec have released the source for a few games. However, they have specifically disallowed anyone else from hosting thier games. Because of that, I'm only providing makefiles.

Styx Makefile: You'll need Allegro libraries to compile. Tested with Allegro 4.1.